Class 1

Class 1 is taught by the deputy headteacher, Mrs Jones and Mrs Lofthouse .Mrs Jones is school co-ordinator for Literacy, Planning and Assessment. Mrs Lofthouse is RE and Music co-ordinator. They are assisted by Mrs Caltieri .The children in this class are all Y2 pupils who are given extra responsibility in their final year at this school. .

In connection with our 50th birthday celebrations Class 1 interviewed past pupils who attended Moorside Infant School. Our visitors shared their memories and brought along some interesting photographs from the past. We always welcome visitors into our class.

We found out about 2D shapes and had great fun designing our calendars in the style of the Russian artist Kandinsky.


We have improved our badminton skills this term with Mr Dorwood.  Our after school golf club was very popular too.

In history we found out about the Great Fire of London.  We enjoyed working in drama groups - people had tricky decisions to make.  We wrote poems about how they might have felt.

Here is an example of our writing:

The fire was red.

The fire was sparkly.

The fire was hot.

The fire was terrible.

The people felt unhappy.

The people felt mad.

The people felt anxious.

The people felt angry.

I could see babies screaming.

I could see frightened pets.

I could see birds flying away.

I could see people saving special things.

by Nicole Webster